Course curriculum

    1. SKS online workbook

    2. Meet Your Instructor: Colleen Foy!

    1. The Business - Intro

    2. The Business - Sub Genre

    3. The Business - Writers/Producers

    4. The Business - Cable Vs Network Vs Streaming

    1. Hallmark 1 - Pot Of Boiling Water

    2. Hallmark 2 - Lasering In

    3. Hallmark 3 - Thoughts

    1. Scene attachments - Notes About The Scenes and What To Prepare

    1. Ch 1: Tone

    2. Ch 2: Character Function

    3. Ch 3: Arc

    4. Ch 4: Relationship

    5. Ch 5: Tonal Shifts

    6. Ch 6: Specificity of Language

    7. Ch 7: Punctuation

    8. Ch 8: Consider the Shot

    9. Ch 9: Taped Examples of The Private Practice Scene

About this course

  • $350.00
  • 71 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content
  • To continue at SKS in an ongoing class after completing the online bootcamp, an additional 1 hour private (discounted at $100) with a faculty teacher will be required.This enables us to work the scenes with you and assess which class will be best for you.

Welcome To Bootcamp!

Our bootcamp has literally shaped thousands of careers in this industry. The quality of content is unparalleled, and to have access from the comfort of your home, around your schedule, is priceless. Not only is this course invaluable for actors who are just getting introduced to SKS…..but through our launch, we have discovered that our past and current students have been dying to have this information at their fingertips 24/7.  This really is for every actor wanting to elevate their work and their career.

Since moving to Los Angeles from the mid-west 17 years ago, I've acted in Oscar winning movies like 'There Will Be Blood', I turned a 1 episode guest star on 'Station 19', with my dream collaborator Shonda Rhimes, into 14 episodes over 2 seasons - and in this course - I'm going to give you all the tools you need to do the same. We will teach you everything you need to know in order to have a long, successful, sustainable career in the tv/film industry! These are all the Hollywood secrets that it took me 17 years to learn. Welcome to Bootcamp!

  • We deep dive into practical comedy techniques you can use time and time again - with any script, in any situation. Never again pick up a comedy script and say "I just don't think this is very funny". We will teach you how to FIND the funny - Every. Single. Time.

  • We uncover tried and true drama techniques that will guarantee you a beautifully crafted performance - EVEN if you only got the audition 17 hours ago!

  • We will illuminate clues in the script that are hiding in plain sight, you've just never been told how to look for them.

  • We break down the business side of things that should and will inform your acting choices going forward. A smart actor is a working actor.

  • We cover Self Tape Tips and Tricks: Lighting, sound, framing, physicality, props, eyelines. By then end of this course you will be a self tape master!

Meet Your Teacher!

Colleen Foy

Colleen began studying with Stan in 2007 and credits the SKS technique for helping her bridge the gap between her theatre training and the world of tv and film. She pulls from her direct experience of auditioning, booking, and being written for - and passes that knowledge along to her students. Colleen Foy Studio Director & Lead Teacher Television credits include recurring roles on STATION 19, QUANTUM LEAP, THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, STRANGE ANGEL, and Sundance's THIS CLOSE, guest starring roles on 9-1-1: LONESTAR, CODE BLACK, TACOMA FD, BONES, CSI:CYBER, FRANKLIN & BASH, COLD CASE, CRIMINAL MINDS, CASTLE, and THE CLIENT LIST, among others. In 2007, she made her feature film debut in the Academy Award winning film THERE WILL BE BLOOD, directed by Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis.


Stan Kirsch Studios is one of the premiere, full service acting schools in Los Angeles. The SKS clientele, comprised of both celebrities and working actors throughout the entertainment industry, have booked upwards of a thousand roles from film leads to TV series regulars, recurring roles, guest and co-stars as well as leads On and Off-Broadway. Our staff possess a relentless pursuit of excellence and an unparalleled desire to witness our actors succeed. Boasting three studios and two audition taping facilities, SKS maintains an extremely high standard while also providing actors with an incredibly comfortable, supportive work environment. Our no bullshit approach incorporates all acting methods, practical tools and how to utilize them in the audition room and on set. Our endeavor is to train actors to make strong, text-based choices based not simply on a role itself, but the material’s genre, network, director and writer…all in an effort to book the job and excel at it! We also provide actors with solid career advice and a nuts and bolts knowledge of how to maneuver the business as a whole. Go in, go strong and go book that job…at Stan Kirsch Studios!

What people are saying!

“The bootcamp changed the game for me. Colleen is FANTASTIC! She went over how to book multi-cam comedies, single cam comedies, network dramas. Since taking the bootcamp, I have booked all three multiple times! I can't recommend this program enough! ”

Caleb Pierce (Actor)

“You have a wonderful program here and I know actors across the spectrum will continue to benefit from the curriculum. ”

Paulo Andres (Owner of Rothman Andrés Entertainment)